Top Six Must Have Gizmos

With the battle for gadget superiority, manufacturers introduce new lines every now and then. Some are must-haves, some fall into the realms of mediocrity. Below are the top six must-have gadgets this year.

Motorola Q

This smartphone provides a great multimedia experience and is excellent when it comes to call quality. Additionally, it has an excellent array of tools that keep you stay productive. With quality screen display as well as a QWERTY keypad, it possesses connectivity tools which makes it an on-the-go gizmo.

Toshiba Gigabeat S MES30VW

Being a 30 gigabyte or 60 gigabyte MP3 in itself, what makes this truly cool is the fact that it is one of the most compact portable video players out there. The thing that makes this even cooler is that it can support several file types ranging from music, video and photos.

It has an FM tuner and the capacity to support transfers from digicams. It also features the Portable Media Center, which completes the package. Imagine, a tiny intuitive portable media player providing you with the ultimate audio-visual experience.

Dell XPS M1710 Core 2 Duo

This notebook provides excellent gaming performance and is filled with several external connections and ports. It also has a great processor, a state of the art graphics engine, illuminated casing, and is jam-packed with multimedia features.

Sling Media Slingbox

The good thing about this gizmo is that if you are at a WiFi hot spot, with a Windows XP laptop or even a Windows Mobile handheld, you can watch all your favorite channels anytime, anywhere. It streams live TV to your audio-visual gadget. Call that easy access. The best thing about this, it is cheap.

Creative Zen V Plus

What made this enter the list is the fact that it can fit in your pocket. But, of course, considering its size, it has video playback, line-in recording, photo browser, FM radio, excellent sound quality and battery life. What’s more? WMA subscription compatibility.


This one is excellent for digital video or music players. It costs less than $50. Get one now if you like in-ear earbuds.

So there goes the top six must-have gadgets for this year. As long as we get to satisfy your geeky cravings, we are willing to spend the trouble of giving you updates.

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