Top Four Space Heaters

The term "space heater" may sound unusual, but is probably something which you may appreciate even more when the bitter cold peaks at home or at the office. We all know it’s hard to type or even take a nap when the room is freezing, which makes you crave for a warm, toasty breeze for those aching joints. Here are four worthy candidates you can warm your cockles with.

De’Longhi Mica Panel

Uses lightweight mica-based radiant heat to generate passive convection heating, which makes the 2-inch, 11-pound frame light and easy to handle should you prefer to put wheels on it.  You can also try making it a part of the decor and mount it on the wall away from prying hands, which is at times a better idea because the grill can get piping hot. No need to worry about possible burn hazards as it turns off when knocked over. The handsome italian design which includes a convenient carrying handle is certainly a welcome addition to some living rooms, though you may find the non-programmable, 6 preset control a bit wanting. Aside from the clicks betwen the on and off cycle, the the De’Longhi Mica Panel is mostly silent and will set you at US$89.95 .

Dimplex Sahara Electric Fireplace

Now if romping behind a crackling fireplace is your thing, good news, now you can do it at that and frigid condo of yours! The Dimplex Sahara promises to provide a sultry environment and fit with your avant garde Ikea furniture, if you don’t mind the whooshing sound it’s fan makes. A flick of the remote conjures up real looking flames from the the triple-toned sand, you can even watch it sans the heat (some people like doing that). Controls are relegated at the bottom, so as not to ruin the aesthetic appeal. By the way, you can’t put wheels on this thing as it’s 60 pound build is meant to be a permanent wall fixture. This svelte remake of the fireplace, which cannot be preset; you click a dial when ideal hotness is reached, runs up to $600.

Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater

Can be mistaken for a tower fan, so in the event that you come across one of these during a hot summer’s day, don’t put your face near the grill while turning it on, expecting a rush of cool air. This innocuous-looking turret can pump out warm air all over the room with it’s oscillating blower which is powered by heated ceramic plates, but the fan noise can be a distraction. The Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater Model 5132 also has an electronic display and timer can be set to turn off in one to seven hours. You can set the temperature only at 5 degree intervals, but at around $60, who’s complaining?

Sunbeam Low Profile Heater

It does feel nice to bask in the warmth of the morning sun, and it looks like this item was engineered with the sun and the environment in mind. The Sunbeam Low Profile Heater uses convection heating rather than currents of hot air, which means no fan noises, no stirring up dust, appropriate since you might wanna tuck it away in some corner given it’s 12 x 7 in stature. Expect constant and even heating, but it is a slow starter compared to those above and once it gets going, beware of the metal shell. At $60, it can possibly afford you more savings as EcoSmart mode toggles between 1,500 and 750 watts to save power.

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