Top Cell Phones for Kids 2011

You may not have given your child cell phones last year, but this time it is more reasonable to do so. Apart from providing them with a means to communicate with their friends, it is also an important tool for parents to keep in touch with their children.

Although there are not many cell phones that specifically cater to children and teenagers, the following models provide what is best for your child: Constant connection.

LG Migo VX1000 (pictured) – This handset provides the most basic in features that are specifically for young children. Its small design fits their hand perfectly and only has four numbered keys that the parent programs in four phone numbers the child is allowed to call. The phone also has an emergency key and speakerphone function. The LG Migo VX1000 is available only through Verizon, costing US$49.99.

Firefly glowPhone – This is another practical cell phone designed for preteens whom you think are too young to have feature-laden phones. It has two programmable keys meant for calling Mom and Dad, but it can be programmed with any other number. It also has voice mail and a call screening function that enables the phone to only call and receive certain phone numbers. This phone retails for $49.99.

Kajeet – This company does not only provide one child-friendly cell phone, but a variety of phones for young children, preteens, and teenagers. It offers no contracts, no activation fees, and no termination fees. The Kajeet phones can also be controlled by parents through an online dashboard on various aspects like the number of hours the phone is to be used, what numbers it can call and accept, as well as a GPS locator.

Tracfone Wireless – A prominent figure in pay-as-you-go phones and plans, Tracfone Wireless offers a wide selection of phones from different manufacturers. Parents can choose which phone they think is best for their children or teenager, as well as design their own cell phone plan.

Source: Cell Phone for Kids Guide

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