Top 9 Free iPhone Apps, According to Apple

No matter how Apple would try to eliminate Google from the minds of their faithful users, it does not seem to work.

Even though Google-made apps such as YouTube and Google Maps were no longer included among Apple’s suite of default programs when it unveiled iOS 6, users of the iPhone and iPad continue to download them anyway and it was very much evident in iTunes’ year-end chart.

Apple recently released its “iTunes Best of 2012,” highlighting the most popular apps for its devices. Leading the pack in the list of free apps for iPhones is YouTube, which was released ahead of the launch of iOS 6. It is very weird that Apple ditched YouTube when the iPhone maker has yet to come up with its own video-sharing service, just like how the company introduced its own Maps app to erstwhile default Google Maps. But after Maps was largely panned by the public to the point its CEO apologized, Apple may want to take their time in developing its YouTube counterpart… that is, if they are making one.

Here are the rest of the Top 9 free iPhone apps:

2. Instagram – Many users were initially worried when their favorite photo-editing and photo-sharing app was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion last April. The original company–Burbn, Inc.–remains independently managed and the app’s popularity continues to soar even as it severs its compatibility with Twitter.

3. Draw Something – This Pictionary-style game app is one of the breakout mobile stars of 2012. It was downloaded 50 million times 50 days after its release, then the app (and its company, Omgpop) were acquired by social gaming magnate Zynga. Draw Something has its share of bad news, such as when cyberscammers tricked users into revealing their personal information.

4. Flashlight Ⓞ – This utility app turns your iPhone into a convenient flashlight, harnessing the LED bulb right by the camera. Flashlight can be used for both recreation and emergency situations. It comes with a compass and SOS mode, which are very handy when you find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere.

5. Facebook – A huge chunk of social media users check out their news feed through their mobile devices, so it is not that surprising why three social media apps are on this list. The latest version allows users to choose an album when uploading photos, as well as view their profiles in a revamped Timeline format.

6. Pandora Radio – The popularity of streaming radio apps is at its highest in 2012, with Pandora leading the way. Users can simply type in the name of their favorite music artist or songs and Pandora would create a customized “station” based on similar music.

7. Temple Run – Temple Run has knocked out Angry Birds as the most popular free action game app on iTunes. (Angry Birds Space, meanwhile, is #1 among paid apps.) The critically-acclaimed endless running game has reached 100 million downloads since its release.

8. Pinterest – Since mainstream media took notice of this visual-board app in 2012, many tech companies took notice. In reaction, Facebook introduced “Interest List“; Myspace and eBay completely flipped their layouts and made it as pristine as that of Pinterest.

9. Twitter – Despite its popularity, not a lot of Twitter users use its native iOS app, opting to tweet instead in third-party applications such as TweetDeck (which Twitter bought) and Echofon.

Source: iTunes, via Huffington Post

Photo credit: Associated Press

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