Top 5 Portable Digital Photo Storage Devices

Making your digital photos portable and easy to store are made convenient with these digital photo storage devices, wherein you would be able to download your photos into the device directly from the camera’s memory card so that you can reuse the card as many times as possible. These devices are wonderful, especially if you travel a lot.

However, not all portable digital photo storage devices work the same way. Some store you images on little hard drives and some burn them to disc. If you already have a gadget that can store digital files-like an MP3 player, a thumb drive or a portable hard drive-but don’t have a way to connect it to your camera, you need an inexpensive USB bridge to turn it into a photo storage device.

To give you an idea what is the best digital photo storage device to purchase, here is a Top 5 list of the best in the market (in random order).

Apple iPod Video 5th Generation 60GB Media Player – The fifth-generation iPod has more video capability, and several cool TV programs you can download at iTunes. Its 60GB storage capacity is a godsent for photographers as it can hole thousands of pictures. It is very portable, slender, and weighs only 5.5 ounces. However, if you want to transfer photos directly to your iPod, you will need an iPod camera link connector.

Epson P-3000 40 GB Multimedia Storage Viewer – This device has an option of inserting a Compact Flash or Secure Digital memory car to transfer photos without the need of a bridge. It has a four-inch screen, and plays videos and MP3s to boot. It supports JPEG and select RAW files.

SmartDisk FlashTrax 80GB Portable Media Device – This portable media device can transfer photos from a variety of memory cards with an optional adapator. You can also listen to MP3s or watch videos, and it has a nice flip-up 3.5-inch display. The files stored here can also be seen on a TV, which is a great way of showing your images when visiting relatives.

Sandisk Sansa Pocket Media Player – It has a slim design, a large four-inch viewing screen, and less expensive than other portable media players. It has an 8GB storage capacity, which you can expand with the help of SD cards. Picutres can be viewed in a slideshow with background music. You can also use the device to listen to MP3s or watch videos, and can also be linked on a TV.

Delkin eFilm PicturePad – This compact, lightweight, device lets you view, store, and organize all your digital photos. It also lets you view the images through its 1.8-inch color screen and can even support some RAW files. It also has a video jack so you could show the pics on a TV or monitor.

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