Top 5 Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 3



This is the third generation of Bose’s famed noise-canceling headphones – and certainly the best so far. A smaller, lighter design-delivering an unmatched combination of noise reduction, audio performance and comfortable fit for on-ear headphones. Smaller and lighter and it doesn’t enclose the ear but engulf it with soft spongy pads. The sound quality is superb even if bass heavy. Price tag: $349.00

Etymotic ER-6 Isolator

The ER-6 comes with both silicone rubber and foam eartips, which the user can swap. They’re designed to fit into your ear canals, like earplugs, to block out ambient noise. The ER-6’s sound is extraordinarily fine with its noise-isolation attributes. Price tag: $90.00-105.00

Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones



Intertwining wireless headphones with good design, high quality performance and practical battery life is actually harder than it might seem but Logitech’s FreePulse headphones surpass expectations. Comfort, sound quality, and distance performance have all improved. Battery performance is good enough: two hours for a full charge of both the headphones and receiver and 6-hours playback. Price Tag: $100.00

Sennheiser HD280Pro

With a closed, comfortable earcup design, it is a good choice among professionals in studios or at home. It delivers good sound range. It has a sleek, modern look; the color scheme is black on black with white lettering. It can also cut a lot of the outside noise and enables listeners to enjoy their music at a reasonable volume level. Sound quality is at its best, with the highs and mids extremely clear crisp. Price tag: $80.00 -100.00

Sony Fontopia MDR-EX71SL Noise Isolating Headphones



Check out the good listening experience this headphone offers, with special citation on the bass. The earbuds, made of soft silicon aid for comfortable and longer listening via the in-ear design. The sound quality is superb for its price. Tag price: $31.00-$40.00

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