Top 5 Digital Picture Frames

The electronic photo frame is a great device to store your digital images and display them as a slideshow at the same time. These digital photo frame make a great gift for your parents, grandparents, and friends. There are hundreds of digital photo frames available in the market and it tends to be confusing, especially if you have no idea what to look for in such a device.

Here is a list of top digital photo frames, in random order.

Digital Spectrum MF-8000 Wireless Frame with Wi-Fi

This can be considered as the best choice in the market today, with a 256MB internal memory and even a wi-fi feature that lets you display images through popular photo sharing sites like Flickr. It can display photos of various files like JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, as well as audio files like MP3s, WMA, and WMV. You can even play audio while displaying the slideshow.

eMotion 3-in-1 Desktop Media Player and Digital Frame

It is more than just a digital picture frame, it also serves as a portable DVD and CD player. It can accept various memory cards, and can run on battery for up to 2.5 hours.

Ality Pixxa Digital Picture Frame with Calendar and Alarm

The main selling point of this device is that you can program to display photos according to date, and can also be used as an alarm clock. It also has a built-in 512MB internal memory, memory card reader, and can even read movies or music.

Alorek ADMPF311 11" Digital Picture Frame with 1GB Internal Memory

This digital photo fram has a large 11-inch display and an immense internal memory. You can either load your digital images through a direct USB connection from the camera or camcorder, by jump drive, or by its memory card reader. It can also play MP3s, and would even let you zoom and rotate photos.

Coby DP-882 8" Digital Picture Fram with mp3 Player

This is one of the best inexpensive choices, costing below $100. It doesn’t have an internal memory, but you can download images to the frame via USB or several memory card formats. It can also play MP3 or WMA audio files, as well as movies under AVI and MP4. This device even comes with a interchangeable frame with different color.

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