Top 5 Car GPS Receivers

The Global Positioning System and Digital-Mapping Technology have enabled people to navigate in different places with much ease and control. These complex technologies are packed in a single unit called a portable navigation system, which is now available in different models from different companies at different price ranges. Since it has become an essential tech tool, and the variety of models in the market, it is hard to decide what to buy without having to return it to the store. has released its list of the Top 5 GPS receivers used by car drivers to help you in picking up a device that suits your needs and budget.

Garmin Nuvi 660 – A solid-performing and versatile GPS device that features navigation basics, text-to-speech capabilities, integrated Bluetooth connection, FM transmission, MP3-quality audio among others. All of these are put together in a big-screen, small-sized casing. Its Travel Kit feature is also an interest for the world traveler. However, its hefty price tag is not worth the basic navigation it provides, especially if you want to avoid certain roads. Price ranges from $300 to $700.

HP iPaq rx5900 Travel Companion – A GPS and PDA all in one, this device runs on both Tomtom Navigation software that delivers voice-guided and text-based directions as well as maps that can be viewed on both 2D and 3D; and Windows Mobile 5 that enables the user to access Microsoft Word and Powerpoint among other features. It also has Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities, as well as an extended memory slot for more music and videos. However, as a GPS it is slow acquiring an initial satellite fix as well as a below-par battery life.

Magellan Maestro 4250 – This GPS is one of the earlier devices that feature a voice command function, which at the time was cool as it is today. But what’s really impressive about this is its accurate directions, along with integrated Bluetooth, and traffic capabilities. However, its points-of-interest database is a little outdated, and its voice control does not have an address entry. Price ranges between $325 to $500.


Mio C520 Navigation Receiver – At $400, this good-value, sleek-designed GPS device contains decent features such as advanced turn-by-turn navigation, a 4.3-inch screen, Bluetooth, text-to-screen, and multimedia capabilities. However, the routing can be a bit off, and the screen tends to fade when struck by sunlight.

Tomtom GO 720 – Some of its features stand out among the competition such as the one-touch location finder that helps pinpoint where you are and where is the nearest police station or hospital, and the Map Share community tool that lets you customize your maps and share it with other Tomtom users. It also has a safety feature that lets you automatically call emergency at the touch of the screen. However, its Bluetooth connectivity is only compatible to a few selection of mobile phones. Price ranges between $368 to $505.

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