Top 5 apps for Super Bowl viewing

Top 5 apps for Super Bowl

Top 5 apps for Super Bowl

We are hours away from the biggest sporting event in the United States, possibly around the world.

But in the age of “second-screen viewing”, checking your mobile device while watching the Super Bowl certainly enhances the viewing experience, from tracking each play to watching the commercials and halftime show.

Mashable has compiled five apps for Super Bowl Sunday viewing pleasure, giving football fans–both casual and hardcore–some added tools to enjoy the game. This list covers everything you need while watching the Super Bowl XLVIII, from the kick-off to the victory celebrations.

1. Super Bowl XLVIII – NFL Official Program – The official app for Super Bowl XLVIII is your go-to app for everything you need to know about today’s game. It has everything from scouting and injury reports, to detailed team statistics, to little facts about every Super Bowl from its humble beginnings in 1967. It is free to download on iOS, but you need a one-time in-app purchase of $1.99 to access most of the content. (The Android version costs $1.99 upfront.)

2. Fox Sports Go – If you had to be away from the stadium or television screen, or even the computer screen during the big game, you can stream the entire game from your iPad thanks to Fox Sports Go. While this free app limits its live streaming services to subscribers of one of six partner cable providers, Fox is lifting all restrictions just for Super Bowl Sunday so fans across the country can watch.

3. Gamblino – Bets will surely fly on game night, so why not install a one of many gambling apps for Super Bowl? Gamblino lets you bet on specific stats, such as who will win the game’s MVP award or will any of the Red Hot Chili Peppers take off their shirts during the halftime show. You don’t win real money, though, just bar tabs or game tickets. It’s free on iOS.

4. FanKave – This app is one giant virtual hangout for fans. FanKave lets iPad users find and connect with friends and fellow fans during the game in real time. It features live play-by-play updates, group voice chatting, and a customized timeline of Facebook posts and tweets from friends.

5. #NotBuyingIt – This is more than just apps for Super Bowl commercials, but a platform to hold advertisers accountable for ads deemed sexist. Users can join or start their own campaigns on “Not Buying It”, asking companies to remove offensive content from their commercials. It is free on iOS.

Source: Mashable

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