Top 3 Portable Media Players

Apple iPod Touch

A great gift suggestion for post-Thanksgiving is a reliable portable media player that your friends or family can enjoy as they listen to their favorite music downloads or watch movies and TV shows wherever they go.

Many companies have provided their take on this technology, but only a few stood out.  Here are the top 3 portable media players according to various consumer reviews.

Apple iPod Touch – The iPod Touch (pictured above) has come a long way from its introduction in 2001.  On the surface it looks like an iPhone, but it does not make calls although it offers WiFi connectivity.  This second-generation media player includes a variety of tweaks and improvements from its predecessor iPod Touch.  It now includes an external speaker, as well as a wider selection of applications.  Not only you can listen music or watch videos with it, the Touch can also be used to play portable touch-based games.  Installing it with an iPhone 3.0 software update also provides the Touch with stereo Bluetooth and the ability to shuffle your playlist just by shaking it.  However, it is often criticized for its small amounts of memory, ranging from 8GB to 64GB, compared to other players that can go as much as 250GB.  The Apple iPod Touch is available at the Apple Store, starting at US$199.00.

Image source:  Apple

Archos 405

Archos 405 – If you are looking for a budget-friendly portable media player, check out the Archos 405.  What it lacks in Internet access and small internal memory (only 2GB with microSD slot) is compensated with an excellent music and video playback, which can be viewed via its 3.5-inch screen.  The Archos 405 are available through many online shopping sites for as low as $149.99.

Image source:  Archos

Archos 5

Archos 5 – With its glossy black cover and touch screen display, it’s not a surprise why the reviews quickly compare the Archos 5 with the iPod Touch.  However, with its 4.8-inch screen, higher memory (from 60GB to 250GB), and excellent video playback, it may come across as more superior that Apple’s much-talked about media devices.  However, the Archos 5 has problems in software and battery life, which can be remedied with firmware upgrades.  Critics also find it prone to fingerprint smudging.  The Archos 5 with 250GB memory costs $299.99 on its official store.

Image source:  Archos

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