Top 3 Infomercial Gadgets

My Lil Reminder

You’ve seen them being advertised every late night, products that can promise the moon and the stars because of convenience and amazing results.  These infomercials can attract a lot of customers, but not all of them can deliver what is advertised.

As we scour through tons of review sites, we have come up with the top 3 gadgets you see on infomercials, basing it on their performance and reliability.

My Lil’ Reminder – Get easily lost in vast parking spaces?  Forgot what to buy at the grocery?  Let My Lil’ Reminder (pictured above) record your voice memos conveniently and at a fraction of other digital voice recorders.  It does what it is supposed to do:  It records your reminders for the day, but only for a measly 20 seconds.  Plus, it can only store one message at a time and recording a new memo would only erase the last one.  It is only ideal for smaller tasks like grocery lists or parking locations, but not for recording homework in a classroom or car directions, which the infomercial proclaims.  My Lil’ Reminder costs US$9.95, which comes with another unit for free, plus shipping and handling.

YMax magicJack

YMax magicJack – One of the most talked-about infomercial products, the YMax magicJack promises that you never have to pay another monthly phone bill again.  Simply install this $40 gadget onto your computer and attach it into your phone and you can get unlimited local and long-distance calls for only a yearly fee of $20.  It also works not only in the United States, but also for people from other countries as well.  In theory, this is one of the best products ever seen on infomercials, but it has its share of problems.  For one, initial installation of the device would take you to different added value plans, and a lot of times clicking "NO" on the menu, before finalizing your registration.  Also, your computer may not be configured properly for the magicJack to work, which requires a call or two to their technical support staff.  The call clarity is dependent on the quality of Internet connection and that it is difficult to find how to uninstall the software once you don’t need it anymore.  The YMax magicJack is available in various online stores.

Westinghouse Stick Up Bulb

Westinghouse Stick Up Bulb – This battery-powered light fixture is convenient for areas that need lighting for brief periods like closets, sheds, and hallways.  Its base is self-adhesive and can stick on walls or can be mounted with screws.  The krypton light, made from shatterproof translucent plastic so it is cool to the touch, can be turned on and off by pulling a string.  It works what it is supposed to do, but the light itself is fairly dim according to the reviews.  Also, its battery life is not so promising, as it can only last for under 4 hours.  Some say you could buy yourself a good LED flashlight for better light at a lower cost.  The Westinghouse Stick Up Bulb is available starting at $9.99.

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