Top 3 E-Book Readers

Kindle 2

E-book readers have been one of the most talked-about gadgets this year, which does not comes as a surprise why we at love to write about them.  These readers are convenient and very portable, as it can replace a pile of hard cover books, especially if you like to read anywhere you go.

In this edition of Buyer’s Guide, we have compiled digital book reader reviews from various consumer sites and have come up with our top 3 Ebook readers.

Amazon Kindle 2 – The second-generation Kindle from Amazon contains lots of advanced features, all packed in a slim body.  The one thing that reviewers raved about the Amazon Kindle 2 (pictured above) the most is its free WiFi connectivity, allowing users not only to surf the Net through its integrated browser, but also purchase and download books from Amazon’s wide selection of ebooks.  Their ebook store is unmatched by the competition, as they can acquire new titles earlier.  However, it lacks support for certain files like PDF and ePub, which requires time-consuming conversions.  The Amazon Kindle 2 costs US$259.00.

Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600

Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600 – If there is such a thing as a "Kindle Killer," this one can take the title.  The Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600 has a 6-inch intuitive touch screen and, unlike the Kindle, can support PDF and ePub files natively.  However, users complain about its glare and low contrast, while it also requires to be connected to a PC or Mac in order to download new titles.  The Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600 costs $299.99.

Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300

Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300 – If you find ebook readers ridiculously expensive, you may want to consider the Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300, which only costs $199.99.  This highly-portable, slim-designed reader has a 5-inch screen that is easy enough to read, with clear text and just the right contrast.  Because it is smaller compared to Kindle 2, the Sony Reader Pocket Edition can be easily placed inside a handbag or briefcase.  But because of its low price, expect it to lack on certain aspects like the absence of a built-in dictionary, MP3 player, or touch-screen with note-taking abilities.

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