Top 3 Cell Phones for Kids

Samsung Knack U310, Cell phone for kids

Still at a loss what to give your kids on Black Friday?  Well, you are just in luck!

As parents, keeping connected with your children is a primary concern, especially when kids these days are more mobile.  One way to keep in touch with your kids is through cell phones, but of course you don’t just provide them outright with a handset.  An ideal cell phone for kids should be easy-to-use and offer parental controls.  After scouring different reviews, we have found ourselves the Top 5 mobile phones for children.

Samsung Knack U310 – This basic flip phone from Verizon has an accessible design, easy-to-use menus, and large readable fonts.  Austere in design, the Knack (pictured above) delivers with good signal reception and clear call quality.  It has a compact 2.2-inch internal display, over 20 ringtones, speed dialing, vibrate mode, a speakerphone function, headphone jack, voice mail, text messaging, color-coded controls, and a dedicated 911 button.  The Knack contains 32MB of internal memory, enough to contain 500 phonebook entries.  The downside, however, is that it does not have Bluetooth, but it’s not a big deal if you think about it.  The Samsung Knack U310 comes free with a new Verizon Wireless service contract.

Image source:  Verizon

Sanyo Katana II, Cellphone for Kids

Sanyo Katana II – Available on Kajeet, known for its cellphones equipped with parental controls, the Sanyo Katana II also contains a GPS locator so parents can track where their children are at.  This clamshell-designed cellphone also has 21MB of internal memory, a 2-inch internal display screen, Bluetooth 2.0, as well as functions for text messaging, instant messaging, and e-mail.  It can also enables your children to search the mobile web with a WAP browser and GPS.  What’s the bad news?  Well, it does not have a microSD slot, its phonebook can only accommodate up to 300 names, lacks a multimedia player, and has a really cheap VGA camera.  The Sanyo Katana II is sold on Kajeet for only US$99.99 without contract, but with a wide choice of plans starting at $4.99 a month.

Image source:  Kajeet

Firefly glowPhone, Cellphone for Kids

Firefly glowPhone – If you want a mobile phone that serves as a starter phone for your pre-tween children, the glowPhone from Firefly might be a good choice.  It comes with the most basic of features:  It does not contain a keypad, but only navigation keys that browse through built-in games, customizing with wallpapers, and even setting ringtones for friends.  It also comes with an integrated flashlight, which is ideal for camping.  It has its drawbacks though.  For one, although the glowPhone can receive messages, your kid cannot send them.  Its speed-dial buttons for Mom and Dad may not be a good idea since not all families are structured like that.  Also, the phonebook can only save 50 phone numbers and your child may want a more advanced phone once he or she reaches the tween period.  The Firefly glowPhone is available for only $49.99, service not included.

Image source:  Firefly

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