Top 25 Games to Buy Before Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching. Now, when the idea of Christmas and PSPs cross your mind, there should only be one thing that comes up: the top 25 games you have to buy before the holiday season comes knocking on your front door.

Definitely, there is nothing bad about not getting left behind. So it is best that you take your fill-from racing games up to role-playing game platforms-and lay back, smile and enjoy these fantastic games the season has to offer to you.

Below are the top 25 games to salivate over before Christmas.

Ridge Racer 2

Bandai Namco Games/Sony Europe

Already out in Japan, you should already have this in your arsenal. Never get left behind with its Arcade, Survival and Dual modes as it has been developed to perfection. Better see it for yourself to reduce your doubts.

Power Stone Collection


Check what has been fitted in here to cast an upgrade on the Power Stone Series. If it pleases you, never be surprised. That’s the way it ought to be.

SOCOM US Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2

Zipper Ineractive/SCEE

Reality crossing with your own role-playing fantasies, just as it has been in the beginning. Check it out yourself. If the End of Days crosses your path, you would not be left wondering why this game will be the one left out surviving the grand Apocalypse.

Every Extend Extra

Q Entertainment/Buena Vista Games

Springing to life from the PC, find out how wonderful this one is in your PSP. Much more than a hallucinogenic experience, mind you. And a better one at that.

Pilot Academy

Kuju/Rising Star

Never wait a month or so before you get to understand the whole instruction manual. Reality is as it is in this simulated plane-flying game. Respecting every aerodynamic principle there is, this one’s going to blow your mind off while flying across your PSP screen.

Metal Slug Anthology

SNK Playmore/Ignition

With a wi-fi multiplayer mode, this classic game has found its niche in today’s technology. But high-paced a game as it has been further developed in the past 10 years, it has grown into a complex game. So in terms of game-play, we are just hoping that we get to see a much more slower Slug this time.

Killzone: Liberation


As this developed from a first-person to a third-person shooter, game movement and power-play tactics have been improved. Better see this one in your hands to experience the best things this has to offer.



Curious about its potential? Check it out yourself. Best that you get surprised before Christmas than never get surprised at all.

Need for Speed Carbon

EA Canada/Electronic Arts

Do not wait for Christmas goodies to slide down on your hand. This one has what you want for a holiday treat. Here’s a friendly Christmas tip: buy some so you can get some.

Gun Showdown


Go yee-haw over this Wild West adventure. Gun-slinging and horse-riding missions will totally be a blast-from-the-past experience.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Rockstar Leeds/Rockstar

Check this one out as this will hit the markets on November 3rd. If it’s a better storyline you want, then it’s a better one you’ll get. Rest assured, it will be the same old chaos that you will get.

Madden NFL 07

Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts

NFL gaming to the core. What better way than to see it within your Christmas arsenal? Just make it happen.

Capcom Classics Collection


A game arsenal is not enough if there is not enough of the right ammo needed to spend the holidays. Add it up and do not wait for a smile appear across your face.

Justice League Heroes


Waiting for its release in November 10? It’s understandable. As this is going to be a role-playing game in itself, the suspense is worth it.

WWE Smackdown! Vs RAW 2007

Yuke’s Go/THQ

New improvements have been affixed to this one. Cross your fingers that it will put that holiday smile on your face.

Medal Of Honor: Heroes

Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts

D-Day in its most entertaining. Relive the greatest moments of history through this game. Be sure to bring home the Christmas bacon, of course.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6


Hoping for a better game play this year, all we can do is expect there have been upgrades for his one.

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception


From arcade to PSP mode. What better way to celebrate action and adventure than in the skies?

Lumines II

Q Entertainment/Buena Vista Games

Test your spatial abilities with this one if you do not mind getting boggled out with the puzzles it has for you.



This game allows you to create your own community of theme parks and even dance and flirt all the way yo want.

SEGA Mega Drive Collection


All in all there will be 30 games in your PSP with this one. Though some may not be as great as you would have wanted them to, it will be enough to make its way to your own Christmas.

Tony Hawk’s Project 8

Page 44/Activision

With redevelopments and greater stuff taking place for this one, this will surely provide a greater gaming experience.

Football Manager Handheld 2007

Sports Interactive/Sega

Not enough football fun? Take a look at this one and see if this will just give you your own grin-ectomy. Don’t blame us if that happened.

Lego Star wars II: The Original Trilogy

Traveller’s Tales/Activision

As this has been experiencing the last vestiges of development, you will see this one released on November. As long as it will be bug-free, it’s safe to say “May the force be with you.” What would that be on Lego language?

TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge


Ready yourself to race on December 1st as this will give you just the ultimate driving experience you need. All we have to say is better check it out.

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