Top 10 tech breakthroughs of 2013


The pace of technology in a year actually feels like a decade. This year is no different, as you can clearly see how our tech-enhanced lives are better compared from last year.

We at Gadget have compiled the top ten tech breakthroughs for 2013, benefiting various sectors such as mobile payments to social media. In random order:

Coin, the electronic credit card

Coin electronic credit card – While Apple and Google have been offering ways to digitize your wallet, a small startup takes a more realistic approach. Coin is a electronic card that can save your credit card and gift card details, so you can just have one plastic to swipe instead of having to all of them bulk up your wallet.

iPhone 5S Touch ID

Touch ID – When the iPhone 5S was unveiled, it included a pretty slick innovation–a system that unlocks the phone just by letting the home button read your fingerprint. This tech breakthrough may pave the way for more sophisticated usage of finger-reading technology in mobile devices.

Google Glass

Google Glass – While Google’s wearable computing device was first introduced in 2012, sample models have been provided to a select number of individuals this year. We may have to wait another year for Google to fully launch the Glass. And while other companies have come up with their own computing eyewear available on retail, we can confidently say that it was Google that started it all.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

The smartwatch – This tech breakthrough began with the successful Kickstarter campaign of Pebble. Big tech companies followed suit, with Samsung and even Nissan drawing first blood with their respective smartwatches. There are even rumors that Apple might get into this niche market as well.

Virtuix Omni gaming treadmill

Virtuix Omni gaming treadmill – Taking gaming to the next level, this multi-direction treadmill (when used together with virtual reality gaming headpiece) allows gamers to immerse themselves straight into the battlefies of Halo or Call Of Duty.

Instagram Video

Short-form video platforms – Whether it is Vine, Instagram video or even Snapchat, these services have exploded social media with its innovative method of sharing moments with followers through really short videos.

Xbox One

Next-generation entertainment consoles – The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are not just successors to the old-school gaming consoles of yore, but also usher in new methods of entertainment. The Xbox One’s native support for Kinect provide what a tech breakthrough called “unified entertainment” as the console follows your body’s movement to play games or navigate your media center.

LG G Flex curved smartphone

Curved smartphone – LG and Samsung introduced their respective smartphones that sport curved touchscreens. This innovative form factor is meant to hug your face better when taking calls.

4K television

4K television – Adding 3D technology on television sets may not have become successful as expected, companies hope that amping-up the screen’s resolution would bring in the money. Sony and Panasonic unveiled their giant TV panels with twice the HD quality at the start of the year, with the latter putting their ultra-HD TV sets on the market last October.


The selfie – 2013 is the year of the selfie. Although the practice and the word itself, have been around for years, it is only now when taking a self photo becomes the virtual norm in social media. Selfie has even become Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year.

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