Top 10 Ridiculous Baby Products

The Daddle

The Daddle

Raising a child is already challenging on its own, so parents try their best to make things a bit more comfortable for them and their kids. For instance, feeding bottles minimizes the need for mothers to expose their breasts when feeding their babies. Children’s car seats provide assurance that the young ones remain safe during travel.

There are, however, devices aimed at making life easier for parents but they seem a bit over-the-top or just downright crazy. Here are our top 10 ridiculous baby products, in random order:

1. The Daddle – Sure, kids like to ride on their dad’s back like a horse, so let’s put it up a notch with his very own saddle. Not recommended for dressage, sorry. $41.24 on Amazon.

Crumb Cap

2. Crumb Cap – Moms who already own this hair bib for babies and toddlers swore it works great, espcially if they do not want to take the young ones to bath all over again after messing up with their food. This ridiculous baby product only costs $10.99. Add $4.99 for a matching bib.

Diaper Poop Wet Alarm

3. Diaper Poop Alarm – Attach it to the baby’s diaper and turn it on. The alarm goes off, playing a melody for five seconds, if the nappy needs to be changed. $3.59 on Amazon.

The Original Baby Butt Fan

4. The Original Baby Butt Fan – Child experts recommend to air dry the baby’s butt before putting on the new diaper. However, what does this small fan can do that your house fan or baby wipes cannot? Only $14.95.


5. iPotty – Its manufacturer aims to provide a “fun place to use the potty,” but parent groups have voted iPotty as the “worst toy” of 2013 as it “reinforces unhealthy overuse of digital media”. This ridiculous baby product is still in the market for $34.98 on Amazon.

AppeTeethers Baby-Q Ribs

6. AppeTeethers Baby-Q Rib – Just use this to your baby for the sheer ridiculousness of feeding them with a rubber-like barbecue ribs. Only $9.99.

Potty Mitts

7. Potty Mitts – It is supposed to keep your toddler protected from germs as they touch stuff, because a hand sanitizer may not be enough. $4.59 for a box of 12, plus shipping.

The Babykeeper Basic

8. The Babykeeper Basic – Because there are brief moments when mommy needs to use the wash room and she can’t hand the baby to someone else. It screams “Unsafe,” but it is still available for $39.99.

Jolly Jumper Bumper Bonnet

9. Jolly Jumper Bumper Bonnet – For the parents who are too lazy to baby-proof their home. This ridiculous baby product is only $14.49.

Chill Baby Volume Pacifier

10. Chill Baby Volume Pacifier – It is a baby pacifier with a volume model, as if babies work that way. It is currently out of stock, but you can be notified of its availability.

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