Top 10 free iPhone apps in 2013

Top 10 free iPhone apps of 2013

Top 10 free iPhone apps of 2013

The year 2013 is a milestone for Apple App Store as it houses over one million apps and has reached over 60 billion total app downloads. With so many apps available in the market, a selected few has managed to clinch the top spots.

Apple has released a list of top free iPhone apps in 2013, which consists of a combination of game apps and social media apps that helped shaped this passing year.

10. Despicable Me: Minion Rush – A game that takes notes from Temple Run and give it a cute theme. The protagonist Minion must collect as much bananas as possible, all while avoiding obstacles.

9. Pandora Radio – This music streaming service has an easy-breezy usage. Just type in your favorite artist, genre, or composer, and it creates a playlist that suits your musical taste.

8. Facebook – The popular social networking service continues its strong showing, as users enjoy the app’s latest updates, including its seamless integration with Facebook Messenger and the introduction of stickers for chatting.

7. Instagram – The Facebook-owned photo-sharing app has been downloaded more often than FB itself. Its major update includes the ability to share short videos up to 15 seconds long, a rip from the pages of Vine.

6. Snapchat – This unique free iPhone app gives users the ability to send photos that only lasts for a limited period of time. It also gained quite a notoriety after its owners rejected a huge offer from Facebook.

5. Google Maps – This app remains the go-to map reference of many mobile users, despite stiff competition from Apple’s own map software.

4. Vine – Twitter’s own video-sharing app gained more prominence in 2013 with the rise of popular Vine artists and compilations of the funniest six-second vids being spread online.

3. Temple Run 2 – The much-awaited sequel to Temple Run surged in popularity this year, but will it be able to keep hold of its dominance in the endless running game category in the coming year with threats from Minion Rush?

2. YouTube – This video-sharing site has become a required app for every mobile device. Apple may have made Vimeo its default video app, but it does not deter determined iPhone users from downloading YouTube.

1. Candy Crush Saga – The most popular free iPhone app in 2013 is also the most popular free iPad app. The game that has gotten your friends beg for tickets has been downloaded more than any other free app in the market.

Source: Mashable

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