Top 10 free Android games in 2013


Top 10 free Android games in 2013

Google Play has recently released its top-selling apps in 2013. Surprisingly, the year-end report does not include social media apps like Facebook or Instagram. Instead, there are two best app list for games and non-social media software.

This year’s Top 10 free Android games includes a variety of puzzles, village builders, and sports.

Fishing Superstars – This app by Gamevil takes competitive fishing and turn it into a fun mobile game. Challenge yourself as you try to reel in the big ones like shark and blue marlin.

Into The Dead – Reminiscent of Resident Evil series, this free Android game throws you into a zombie apocalypse and you must do anything to survive.

Deer Hunter 2014 – It has been hailed as one of the most visually stunning first-person shooter apps around. Hunting for deer is just the starter, as you are also on a hunt for over 100 exotic animals in breathtaking sceneries.

Clash Of Clans – You are tasked to turn a village into a formidable fortress, keeping goblins and other clans at bay. This free Android game beefs up your settlement with walls, cannons, mortars, and towers among others.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 – The sequel to the hit tower defense-type game is up on Android and mobile users could not have been any happier. Arm you lawn with new types of plants to fight the undead horde.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush – A top 10 favorite game app whether on Android or iOS, this endless run-type adventure lets your adorable Minion navigate through different locations, collecting bananas and dodging obstacles along the way.

FIFA 14 – The soccer world went nuts when this console game is transported to mobile devices. This free Android game lets you play the beautiful game with real-world fixtures such as updated team lineups.

Candy Crush Saga – Another popular game on both iOS and Android, this puzzle game has gotten a lot of people asking their friends for tickets.

Asphalt 8: Airborne – This game is like Fast and the Furious, but with ramps! Race, perform barrel rolls, and make wild 360-degree jumps along beautiful sceneries with high-performing luxury cars.

Dragonvale – The most popular game on Google Play lets you build a community of dragons. The fun part is trying to breed rare and seasonal dragons.

Source: Google Play

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