Tooks Headphone Hats

Some people just don’t like wearing headphones because of their size. Some may consider using ones that are obscured and out of sight. One may to do this is to wear something over headphones to keep them hidden. But there is another option that might help- a Tooks Headphone Hat.

A Tooks Headphone Hat is simply a stylish beanie hat with high quality integrated earphones inside them. While there might be other beanie headphone hats out there, the Tooks Headphone Hat is one that truly conceals the modular speaker headphones inside without them being visible from the outside. Only a cable juts out from the back of the hat that can then be connected to your portable music player. The headphone hats are also washable when needed since the integrated headphones inside can be easily removed. There are different Tooks Headphone Hats to choose from the Tooks Hats website and prices range from US$20 to US$30, depending on the design chosen.

Image Source: Tooks Hats

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