Tonium Pacemaker Portable DJ System

Tonium Pacemaker

The Tonium Pacemaker is not your usual portable music player. It is designed for people who like to mix, play and share music and do it even while on the go. You can even compare it to those gadgets used by professional DJs and music producers, only that it is in portable form.

The Tonium Pacemaker allows its users not only to listen to the music stored in it. The Pacemaker allows more interaction and creativity by giving its users the opportunity to have their music remixed and remade, all through the portable music player.

Music files are stored in its hard drive and can easily be downloaded through the Internet or from the PC. The Pacemaker contains features that allow you to choose from a variety of effects and playing options that can only previously be found in professional DJ’ing devices.

With the Pacemaker, there’s no more need for complex set-ups in order to come up with remixed versions of your favorite songs made according to your own taste. You can do it virtually anywhere at your own convenience and whenever you feel like releasing some of your musical creativity and DJ mixing skills. In short, the Tonium Pacemaker brings DJ’ing closer to the masses.

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