TomTom ONE 125

TomTom One 125 GPS Receiver

The TomTom ONE 125 GPS receiver offers both portability and functionality ideal for people who travel often. The TomTom ONE 125 is more than just a car navigation GPS, it is a personal gadget that one can bring along just about anywhere. This GPS receiver is equipped with an Easy Port mount that allows easily mounting the display on any car as well as easy removal so that users can bring it along with them when traveling by foot. 

The TomTom ONE 125 GPS receiver features an intuitive 3.5 inch touch screen interface that can be easy to use. It offers clear voice instructions via the large speaker fitted on the receiver’s back end. The TomTom ONE 125 is compatible with RDS-TMC Traffic receivers, allowing it to receive traffic alerts in real time while on the move. This will allow you to avoid traffic jams and obstacles that may be on your way. It also offers instant route recalculation in case you have deviated from your planned route. The TomTom One is so portable that it also is small enough to fit into your pocket whenever you need to bring it along with you. With a price of around US$100, it’s quite a useful gadget to have around especially when going into some unfamiliar territory. 

Image Source: TomTom

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