TomTom Map Update Service


TomTom is making a daring move forward. The automotive navigation systems manufacturer launched a map subscription service called Map Update Service. Similar to the Navigon FreshMaps service, which provides quarterly updates with Navignon’s NAVTEQ data, the new service comes with quarterly updates with its TeleAtlas data.

TomTom Inc. President Jocelyn Vigreux said, "The introduction of the TomTom Map Update Service completes our already-extensive map offering. The road network changes up to 15% each year, but with our 30 Day Latest Map Guarantee, TomTom Map ShareTM and now, TomTom’s Map Update Service, users can rest assured knowing that with TomTom, their maps are always accurate and up-to-date."

You can avail of the service for a country map on TomTom One and TomTom One XL. You can also get the same service on TomTom GO, although it is a little more expensive. This is because these devices make use of an improved version of the map with speed profiles. You can download the map updates through TomTom’s free desktop software, TomTom HOME.

Previously not available in America, the new subscription service is available for $9.85 per quarter. That’s $39.40 a year. Not bad. The prices might vary, though, depending on how latest your map is.

Image Source: TomTom

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