TomTom iPhone Kit Now Available in United States

TomTom iPhone Car Kit

Feeling envious that United Kingdom got the TomTom iPhone Kit first?  Do not worry, because Apple has just released the much-awaited GPS app, which includes the TomTom Car Kit, for the American market. 

The TomTom for iPhone features a multi-touch interface that lets you tap your way from point A to B in order for you to find all the best routes possible.  It also provides an option to view the roads in portrait or landscape view, as well as directing users to whoever it is in your iPhone address book.  The GPS assures users that its program provides the most efficient routes, not necessarily the shortest paths.

This package also comes with the TomTom Car Kit, a secured EasyPort mount that users can place in their windshield or dashboard.  The dock also lets the iPhone rotate the screen for the widescreen route display and folds flat, thereby making the TomTom Car Kit viewable at any angle.

The TomTom iPhone Kit is available at Apple’s online store for just US$119.95.

Image source:  Apple Computer

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