TomTom Introduces Two GPS Sport Watches

GPS watches have become quite common nowadays. But not everyone really has one worn on his or her wrists. The types of people who usually have them are the outdoors-type of people who now and then may want to know where they’re at. The GPS feature really helps out. But another group of people also seem to benefit from having GPS watches on their wrists and they are the sporty types. And for the latter, TomTom is coming up with two new GPS sport watches in the TomTom Runner and the TomTom Multi-Sport watches.

The TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport watches are not just your ordinary wristwatch. They feature both GPS and GLONASS (or what you call Russian GPS) satellite tracking for accurate and fast geographical position pinpointing. Not only that, this feature can also be used to help runners and other sports enthusiasts monitor distance, speed as well as performance during different sports activities. Both watches also come with motion sensors to also keep track of pace. Both GPS watches also come with a large multi-directional button for use in wet conditions or when wearing gloves.

While both watches may have the same features, the TomTom Multi-Sport is distinguishable by its swimming motion sensor and optional Bluetooth cadence and altimeter sensors. The extra large graphics screen of the watch also provides essential data related to fitness and training aside from providing the time.  All these features in a pair of watches that are measured a slim 11.5mm thin. The TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport GPS Sport watches are expected to be available sometime this year although an exact date has not yet been provided. Pricing details are also withheld as of the moment.

Image Source: TomTom

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