TokyoFlash Galaxy Watch

tokyoflash galaxy watch

You may have heard about the Tokyo Flash watches and its unusual way of telling time. If you have not been up-to-date with the latest in watch technology, a Japanese watch company manufactures and sells watches that do not use numbers or clock hands to tell time. Instead, time is determined by counting the number of multi-colored light bars emitting from the watch face.

The Galaxy model is no different. Touching the upper button initiates a programmed animation of the light bars then it presents the time. The clock face has 12 yellow bars that represent hours, 11 red bars that represent groups of five minutes, and four small green bars that show single minutes. In this photo, with ten yellow bars, seven red lights, and three green light bars, the time is 10:38. Now, if only they provide something that would tell whether the time is in a.m. or p.m., time telling would have been a bit easier.

Costing US$133, the Tokyo Flash Galaxy watch is a flashy way of getting into current fashion.

Image Source: Tokyo Flash

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