Toad Inforad GPS Camera Detector

Toad Inforad

The first thing that can be noticed with the Toad Inforad when compared to other similar products is its price. Nevertheless, it still works like any ordinary speed trap detector, utilizing information provided by satellites and its database.

Operation is easy. Plug it into the cigarette lighter, wait for the LCD to display a solid green, then it is ready to go. The red LCD flashes and the unit beeps three times if one is approaching a speed trap and is over the speed limit. The warning starts 20 seconds regardless the speed of travel.

Other features include regular updates available online. One can also add locations to the database with a push of a button. Another useful option is its ability to set a customized temporary speed limit.

The Toad Inforad is lightweight and could be affixed on the dashboard with a Velcro pad.

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