TN Games Peripherals Lets You Feel the Beating

Developers will go to the ends of the earth just to give the video gamers the new gaming experience. We have seen virtual reality visors that gets you into the action all while covering your eyes with a bulky pair of goggles, but that was so yesterday. The future not only lets you get into the game by seeing the environment for yourself, but also enabling you to feel everything around you.

TN Games recently introduced its line of peripherals for first-person shooting (FPS) games. Using its trademark 3rd Space technology, the FPS Vest is an impact-generating device that gives your body the feeling of bullets echoing through the air, or having a bomb exploded several meters from you, and most especially how those M-16 bullets feel on your body.

The vest works by sending stimulating signals to eight different active zones. Purchasing this FPS Vest comes with two PC games namely 3rd Space Incursion and Call of Duty 2.

And if that is not enough, come 2009 TN Games would come up with the HTX Helmet that utilizes the same 3rd Space technology. Worn on the head, this unique simulation helmet delivers blows to the head whenever you are fired upon. There is also a possibility that you can also use this helmet in sporting games like boxing or soccer just to give you the feeling of being punched on the ear.

Although these devices may sound exciting at first, TN Games may need to do some tweaking on its gadgets and make the impact adjustable for kids.

Image Source: TN Games

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