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Take secret diary

Based in Deerfield, Florida, Black Box Innovations is all about integrating innovative technology to consumer products. tâke is the Black Box’s initial product line which specializes in organization of personal data while still mainitaining both mobility and security.

Introducing the tâke Secret Diary, a digital journal that is a modern girl’s best friend.


As with all tâke products, the Secret Diary allows you to input your thought anyware!

Safety and Privacy

tâke Secret Diary keeps all your personal thoughts and photos safe and private by having a personalized PIN-code and a non-removable memory chip which prevents other people from breaking in.

It’s also hack-proof, using only the ultimate encryption software. The Secret Diary also makes data entry practically traceless, as it leaves nothing on your computer. It also provides PIN replacement assistance and optional registration for Never-lost, a backup up subscription which holds your journal entries in case of loss or theft.

Own It

You can personalize your Secret Diary by choosing from a number of text styles, backgrounds and colors. You can also post your pictures to go along with your entries or make doodles on your entry pages.

Fun Factors

Dream Catcher Enter a recent dream you’ve had, and the secret diary will analyze it and find out what it means!

Fortune Teller This smart secret diary also gives you your daily fortune and provides words of wisdom and even some good advice!

Mood Artist Your daily entries provide clues to your current mood, and this smart diary is not insensitive to them. It comes with an Emotion Sensor that comes to life and changes based on your entry. Plus, this secret diary allows you to paint in detail in swirling colors onto a digital canvass.

Rate-er Rate your preferences for just about anything, from music to books, with the diary’s My Stars feature.

Deep Thinker When you’re at a loss for words – well interesting topics, that is – ask the the thinking deep feature and you’re sure to get some interesting ideas.

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