TiVo Premiere Review

After almost three years in the making, the descendant of TiVo has finally arrived. The 300-dollar TiVo Premiere provided what is good from TiVo HD and tweak it with new hardware and software.

As you may remember, the TiVo Premiere features a Flash-based user interface and a QWERTY remote control. It also has a 320GB hard drive, good enough to record up to 45 hours of HD videos or 400 hours of standard-broadcast recordings. The TiVo Premiere is also smaller and sleeker compared to the TiVo HD.

The rub, however, is the additional costs. Not only you would have to buy the TiVo Premiere for a minimum of US$299.99, you also would have to shell out up to $399 to get “the TiVo experience” not to mention the monthly cable subscription.

While the TiVo Premiere has many impressive features, fans may have a hard time buying this product. Not only is the overall price too hefty, but the latest DVRs can also deliver good-enough service.

Source:  PC Magazine

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