TiVo and Google Announce Data-Sharing Partnership

TiVo and Google share viewer data information

Representatives of both Google and TiVo have announced that their companies have partnered-up and let the latter provide second-by-second viewer information to Google TV, which they in turn utilize for their clients’ TV ad campaigns for more targeted results, aligning advertisers with viewers who are likely to be interested with their products or services.  Advertisers who bid for available commercial time through Google will then only have to pay for ads that TiVo customers actually watch.

The Google TV ads program, which started two years ago, also has a similar deal last April with Dish Network that would gather viewer data that it shares with advertisers.

Other data that TiVo will share to Google include those who flip through channels, those who fast-forward through commercials, and even anonymous information about the viewers themselves. 

So far, only a handful of cable networks sell ad space through Google TV, including MSNBC, CNBC, Syfy, and Oxygen.

Image source:  TiVo

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