Snow Peak Titanium Spork

Snow Peak titanium spork

Snow Peak titanium spork

Sporks are a wonderful thing, especially if you are into Mexican or Filipino food. You like it so much, you usually take them home from your local fast food chain, wishing some good souls out there would come out with a spork made of metal.

Home ware gadgets maker Snow Peak has got you covered with its titanium spork. This utensil is made from titanium, a metal known for its great strength, resistance to corrosion, and light weight. It gives efficient versatility in shoving grains, scooping soups, and piercing meats, even at the same time (if you are that skillful).

Its natural-occuring TiO2 layer even provides antibacterial properties and restores itself after every wash just by leaving it in contact with air and/ or sunlight.

This spork measures about 6.25 inches long and 1.5 inches at its widest point. It weighs about 0.6 ounce.

You will gonna love this titanium spork so much, you might wanna carry it wherever you go: at the diner, in your office with your packed lunch, your next outdoor camping trip, and whatnot. Snow Peak recommends not to clean it with abrasive cleaners and metal scouring pads, using a liquid dish-washing detergent and sponge for optimum care.

Take care of it, though. This spork might be too tempting for other spork enthusiasts and they might swipe it in a blink of an eye.

The Snow Peak titanium spork is available on Snow Peak’s online store for only $8.95 a pop.

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