Tip & Tilt Internet Radio

Internet radio has become quite common with many new devices being introduced year after year. But they usually have most of the same features as the next new model to come out. It would be quite nice to have one that may have some interestingly new and unique features like what the Tip & Tilt Internet Radio.

The Tip & Tilt Internet Radio is quite unique in that it does not have the usual knobs and buttons for control. Designed as a portable and small box speaker, the Tip & Tilt Internet Radio features a built-in gyro sensor that handles the functions in absence of buttons. To control volume, users only have to sway the radio forwards and backwards to either increase or decrease loudness. Users can also preset four favorite Internet radio stations and simply switch from one station to another by turning the radio from side to side. The radio can get signals from a home’s WiFi connection. This unique Internet Radio is available at Firebox for 90 UK Pounds. That’s around US$144.

Image Source: Firebox

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