Timex Ironman iControl iPod Remote Watch

Timex ironman icontrol ipod remote watch

People always prefer jogging or running along while listening to their favorite music. And people prefer bringing along their iPods with them while going out on their morning jog. The problem with doing so is the difficulty of controlling the iPod while running, even while it is strapped to a handy armband. That is why Timex has come up with a new watch that would allow iPod users to seamlessly combine exercise and iPod use with an added convenience.

The Timex Ironman iControl iPod Remote Watch allows iPod users cum avid joggers to have better control over their iPods while on the run. The watch is equipped with a small wireless dock that users connect to their iPods. The wireless dock transmits signals between the iPod and the watch, allowing users to control music choices using the Timex Ironman iControl iPod Remote Watch.

There is no need for joggers to pause a while from running in order to listen to a chosen music track on the iPod. Play, skip and volume buttons can be found on the Timex Ironman iControl iPod Remote Watch that works well when connected to the iPod, giving the user a more convenient way of listening to digital music while exercising.

Image Source: Timex 

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