Time Inc. Unveils Tablet Magazine Concept

The popularity of the Internet has been hurting the print products, including magazines.  Their websites, no matter how popular, can only generate a fraction of ad revenue compared to how much publication companies earn on print.  Time Inc, publisher of various magazines including Time, People, and InStyle, come up with a series of digital magazines that will be formally unveiled soon.  People of TechCruch got a sneak peek of Time Inc’s tablet magazine based on Sports Illustrated.

The concept was the brainchild of David Link at the Wonderfactory, with all the magic developed using Adobe AIR.

The digital magazine was shown on a HP touchscreen tablet PC.  However, the product can also be viewed through iPhone or other tablet computers when that feature becomes available.  The tablet reveals the magazine’s cover on full screen and then users simply tap the screen to browse through pages, which can actually be rearranged so they can read however they want it.

The magazine also contains interactive features like letting the users share stories through e-mail or social networking sites, favorite a story, read related articles, and even watch live scores.  Check the demo here.

Readers wonder how this digital magazine would differ from its website version?  For one, the content is richer.  It also provides the feeling of reading the actual magazine, although presented more dynamically.  However, unlike the website, subscribing to digital magazine will require fees, but hey, we all have to earn from something, right?

Image source:  The Wonderfactory channel on YouTube

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