Timbre Amplifier for Smartphones

Smartphones today are no longer just mobile phones. They are actually several devices in one. Aside from making and taking calls, more and more people are using their smartphones in several different ways. People use them to take photos, surf online to check social networks and even as a portable music player. For the latter, many people would surely like their smartphones to have better audio output if it is possible. More and more people now use their smartphones to share music listening with friends. For a convenient way to boost up smartphone sound, the Timbre Amplifier may help provide the answer.

The Timbre Amplifier is a simple and yet effective audio booster for your smartphone. It is a passive speaker that helps provide some audio power boost to your smartphone speaker. The Timbre Amplifier is designed for use with the iPhone. It can help boost up the speaker’s sound for up to 10 decibels. And since it is a passive speaker, there is no need to worry about batteries or a power source to plug it in. Just simply dock your iPhone into the Timbre and it will boost up your iPhone’s audio, good enough for your friends to hear. It comes with a body made from black walnut wood, available in two finishes. The Timbre is designed by Tyler Pratt and is available at Ideacious for US$60.

Image Source: Ideacious

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