TIM, the Meeting Cost Calculator and Clock

Business meetings tend to be long and, most of the time, unproductive because of people who like to repeat what their boss just said, adding off-tangent topics to the meeting, providing worthless details, and hear themselves talk more.

To keep your meetings more productive, how about trying TIM, a meeting cost calculator and clock. Short for “Time is Money,” simply set the number of people attending the meeting as well as their average hourly rates then press the big button on its side. Watch as TIM automatically calculates how much money has been wasted in terms of salary dollars for every minute in the meeting. You can pause the TIM for breaks and press the button again to get it running.

It also has an audible and visual fifteen-minute reminder to help your group become aware that the meeting becomes far too long. When not in meetings, TIM can also be used as a regular desk clock.

TIM is available at BringTIM.com for only US$24.99. It may help shorten the meetings, but let’s hope they become more productive.

Source: CrunchGear

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