The Tile Mate Helps Locate Lost Things

Many people often lose gadgets and things now and then. It can be unfortunate if some people fail to locate or find them when needed. For those who seem to have a habit of losing things, it may be valuable to make use of a locator tool like the Tile Mate. 

The Tile Mate is a handy Bluetooth tracker that can help you locate any gadget or device you attach to it. It is designed as a small square tile you can attach to a keychain. This Bluetooth locator works together with the Tile app to help you keep track of your valuable items that you often misplace like phones, keys, bags, and many others. You can make the device ring via the app if you feel that you just lost an item nearby.

The Tile Mate is considered as the more versatile of the trackers in its line. It now comes with a 50 percent louder ring and an extended range of 150 feet. It also works the other way around to locate any smart phone synced up to the Tile tracker. If you misplace your phone with a Tile app, you can make your phone ring by simply pressing the Tile twice. it works even if you set your phone on silent before you misplaced it. 

The Tile Mate can also help you locate misplaced items via checking a to know its last known location. There is also a community of Tile users whom you can ask to help you locate or find any lost item attached to a Tile Mate tracker. Its batteries can power each Bluetooth tracker for up to an entire year with zero upkeep. Even when they do drain out, Tile Mate batteries are replaceable to give them fresh new life when necessary. The Tile Mate is available for $25 each.  

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