Tiffen Brings Steadicam Technology to iPhone 3GS

Tiffen Smoothee Steadicam for iPhone 3GS

For those who like to record video clips on their iPhone 3GS but do not like the "shaky cam effect," you might love to read along.  Tiffen recently introduced the Smoothee Steadicam, putting the technology that stabilizes handheld cameras using a counterweight right into your favorite smartphone. 

All you have to do is simply attach your iPhone 3GS onto the phone cradle, hold the handle of the apparatus (which looks like a half-bow), and you are good to go! With the Smoothee Steadicam rig, you can record in almost any situation:  running up and down the stairs, panning the camphone from left to right, tracking down an UFO you have just spotted among others.

The Tiffen Smoothee Steadicam rig for iPhone 3GS is not yet available, but it is supposed to include a quick-guide DVD and a carrying strap upon its availability.

Image source:  Tiffen

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