Thuraya X5-Touch Satellite Smartphone

Mobile phones have been able to connect more and more people to each other. But there are still areas in the world that typical mobile phone systems cannot reach. It may be due to a number of factors, but these “dead” areas can now be reached by satellite phones. And if you wish to have the means to be always connected no matter where you are, this new Thuraya X5-Touch Satellite Smartphone may be the one you need.

World’s First Satellite Smartphone

The Thuraya X5-Touch Satellite Smartphone is marketed to be the world’s first satellite smartphone. It works for both GSM networks as well as a satellite network to  provide connectivity to the user anywhere, all the time. This smartphone allows users to stay connected even when they find themselves in remote area where mobile coverage cannot reach. Connectivity is ensured with the smartphone’s GSM and satellite modes functioning simultaneously when needed.

The Thuraya X5-Touch Satellite Smartphone is run be an Android operating system and sports a 5.2-inch Full HD display protected by Gorilla Glass. This smartphone also features a dual SIM capability and is rated IP67 in terms of dust and water protection. It is an ideal smartphone for those whose work makes them reach areas where mobile phone signals haven’t yet. Despite all the features and more, it may not be available for the common consumer market. Pricing and other details regarding the Thuraya X5-Touch Satellite Smartphone is yet to be announced.

Image Source: Thuraya

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