ThrowMe App For Android Devices

There seems to be something about getting aerial pictures recently. Those bird eye view pictures seem to be becoming more and more popular. People have been doing it in different ways lately- from using weather balloons to using rockets to launch a portable camera up in the air in the hopes of capturing something magnificent along the way. For those who may not have a rocket or a weather balloon to launch a camera up in the air, Android device users may have to be content using ThrowMeApp in the meantime.

The ThrowMeApp for Android devices is an interesting piece of application that may currently be in a class by itself. It is designed to capture photos as users launch it by throwing it up into the air. This unique app can enable the Android device to capture an image once the vertical throw reaches its apex and with the camera lens pointing down. The app makes use of the accelerometer in the Android device to calculate to the speed of the fall and when the throw reaches its apex.

The app does everything to capture the images while the user only need to hope for the best and make sure that the device comes back down safely. With the app requiring throwing the device up, this would not be the app of choice for those who value their mobile device more than the risk as well as those who may have poor catching skills. While the ThrowMeApp may be free to download at Google Play, those who plan to use it may need to understand the risks and the consequences. If not, then the free download may cost the device owner more with a broken Android device in hand.

Image Source: Google Play

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