Three New USB 3.0 Hard Drives from Samsung

Debuting this week at CES are new hard drives from Samsung. These portable hard drives boast of USB 3.0 ports, assuring users of super-fast file transfers. The smallest of the bunch has 1TB capacity, while the most premium–and biggest–of the three stores up to 2TB worth of files.

And if it concerns you, the hard drives come in different colors, lessening the impression that computer geeks are the dullest people on the planet.

Do note, however, that hyper speeds promised from USB 3.0 drives are not that impressive when plugged on a USB 2.0 device. Still, according to its manufacturer, they believe that the hard drives can transfer files faster enough to send a 25-gig file to a different device in four minutes.

There have yet to be news about its price, but we are sure that these will be available by Spring 2011.

Source: CrunchGear

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