This Tape Dispenser Cuts Perfect Strips Every Time

If you have worked in an office environment for so long, you know how tape dispensers can be frustrating at times. You rarely cut the sticky tape at just the right length, even worse if the blade did not cut the tape at your intended length and dragged the tape further as you pull.

Japanese company Kokuyo introduces a tape dispenser that allows you to cut the tape at pre-determined lengths each and every time. This office gadget is perfect for the OCD in all of us. The Kokuyo T-EM50 is coined as the world’s smartest tape dispenser, as you can dictate how long of a tape it will cut by tinkering over its LED display.

It is expected to be released on September 1st for around $200, which means you need to take good care of it or else you will hear it from HR.

Source: Impress Kaden, via TechCrunch

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