This Strange Thing Can Do Something

This mysterious-looking thing has appeared in several gadget blogs lately and we wonder, “What is this thing?”

We tried to guess what it does, ranging from door hinges to belt buckles, but we those were so far from the correct answer.

I’m sure you wonder what this thing does, too. Believe us, before you hit the “Read More” button, try to guess. We mean it. We hope you correctly guess the answer, because we will never divulge what it is until you scroll downward a bit.

Okay, here is the answer…

It is actually a bike-mounted bottle opener called Road Popper. Why didn’t we think of that? It’s a clever idea, actually. You will never know when you find yourself in a hot and humid day, then you suddenly crave for the coldest bottle of refreshment. Then it would be too late for you to know that the bottle does not open by merely twisting the cap and you could not find any other tool, except probably your teeth, to open the bottle cap.

This unique bottle opener is now available on Shapeways for US$40.00.  Why the steep price?  It is because the product is fabricated to order.  The manufacturer only makes it only when people ask for it.

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