This Ringtone Helps Get Rid of Pollen Allergy

It’s pollen season in Japan and that means expect an increase in allergies.  While other allergic patients would rather take medication to prevent them from having runny noses or to sneeze like crazy, some techies in Japan would rather take an unusual approach.

From the developers of Bowlingual , which translates dog barks into human sentences, mobile contents provider Index comes with Hana Sukkiri Mashinuu (or “Cleared Up Nose Machine”).  Simply download a particular ringtone; choose whether you have small, medium, or large cheekbones; choose the frequency between 420 to 1,070Hz; then place the phone underneath your nose as it rings.  What it supposedly does is that as the ringtone vibrates through your nasal cavity, the pollen would magically fall out of your nose.  How we wish such claims are true, even if the company says that the app was jointly developed with a real medical doctor.

Before you test whether the Hana Sukkiri Mashinuu is for real, you have to know that it only works in Japan.

Source:  CrunchGear

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