“This Is It” Documentary Available in Japan on Flash Drive and MicroSD

You gotta hand it to the Japanese when it comes to their devotion with the King of Pop.  After Sony unveiled the Michael Jackson PS3 bundle, which included "This Is It" documentary on Blu-ray, Hagiwara-Sys Com in Nagoya introduces two new media where the concert documentary can be accessed:  a USB flash memory and a microSD card.

The 2GB flash drive version, called the "PC Edition," contains the documentary in WMV format with 720 x 406 resolution and 1.5Mbps bit rate.  As with other flash drives, users simply plug it to their PC or laptops that run on Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 with Windows Media Player 9 and they can watch Michael Jackson perform for the very last time, but not before you go online and have it verified by the manufacturer.

Meanwhile, the "Mobile Edition" of the movie is stored inside a 1GB microSD card, catering people who want to watch the film on their cell phones.  Both versions come with an LP jacket, a 24-page booklet, and four Michael Jack post cards.

The PC Edition is sold for 6,500 yen (about US$70), while the Mobile edition costs 4,500 yen (about US$49).  Although it is only available in Japan, international buyers can try their luck in CDJapan, with both versions available at reduced prices.

Image source:  Hagiwara

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