This iPod Radio Can Take the Beating

Working on the field can be boring. The sun is too hot and you are left with a routine work that even a two-hour break cannot alleviate the boredom. What you and your fellows need is on-the-job entertainment. This gadget could be just the one you need.

The Jobsite Radio by Ridgid is tagged as the first iPod-totting boombox that is made to withstand any abuse it can get. Whether it is being ran over by a car, accidentally kicked by a colleague, what have you, the device’s ShockMount armor can take the beating.

Users can put their iPod on the flip-down lid on the front, then control the tracks with on-board external controls and remote control, which can pick up signals up to 25 feet away. It also comes with a 3.5-millimeter auxiliary input that makes it compatible to the likes of Zune HD as well. The unit can be powered by either a 120V outlet or an 18V battery.

The Ridgid Jobsite radio is now available at Home Depot for only US$149.

Source: Engadget

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