This iPhone Case Pepper Sprays Your Attacker

Sometimes we can be so attached to our iPhones, it is the only device we hold for most of the day. We look at our iPhones wherever we are and we might not realize that we walked into a dark alley. Looks like the Apple Maps is not doing its job again.

As you turn around and leave the alley, your path is blocked by a stranger who looks intent on harming you. Instead of rummaging through your handbag looking for pepper spray, you simply hold your iPhone horizontally and press a button. No, you are not taking photos of your attacker, then applying a sepia filter before uploading it on Instagram; your iPhone actually doubles as a self-defense pepper spray.

The Spraytect is an iPhone 4 case that contains a pepper spray canister at the back. The cartridge contains habanero pepper spray that brings intense sting on the eyes and face.

Of course, your personal safety, is an utmost concern. To prevent accidental spraying, you can simply keep the safety clip from the actuator of the canister while it is in “firing position.”

While the $40 Spraytect also works with the iPhone 4S, no word yet on whether a similar case that can hold an iPhone 5 is in the works. Replacement cartridges cost $18 each and can be matched to the color of the case (whether it is pastel pink or blue).

Source: Digital Trends, via TechCrunch

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