This Garbage Bin Crushes Trash with Your Bare Hands

Ever seen your office garbage bin filled with trash and you suddenly got that urge to push to junk down to make more space for the trash can? Of course, you could simply stomp the top of the pile, but that would be disgusting having to expose your leg from germs.

This dilemma has given a group of Korean designers inspiration to develop a trash bin that would let you compact the garbage manually without exposing your body to the inside of the can. The concept, oddly named Push-Up, is a flexible bin made from rubber or silicone. When the garbage is half-full, you simply gather the mouth of the bin together and push the contents down. The bin’s mouth returns to normal shape once you let go of it. This idea won an iF Concept Design Award for 2010.

The problem now, however, is exposing your hand to germs. Oh well, whatever floats their boat.

Source: Yanko Design, via CrunchGear

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