This Folding Bike Fits Into a Bag

If there is one thing that is iffy about folding bikes is that they are inconvenient to carry around. These latest designs by Kinfolk, however, make them more bearable to bring along. If an owner feels too ashamed of carrying their very own foldable bicycle around, at least he can put it into a briefcase.

The two bikes were painted by Coat. The first model is calling “International” because of it is inspired from racing bikes being used overseas, while the other one is the “City” based on the common rides used by Japanese businessmen. Each folding bicycle is handcrafted by a 71-year-old expert frame builder, which is why there are limited amounts of these bikes available. The International (pictured above) costs US$3,816. The City bike, being the smaller one, only costs $1,955. Both models can be bought from the Wallpaper bicycle company. Interested buyers can simply e-mail them.

Source: CNET, via CrunchGear

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