This Barcode Fades as Produce Loses Freshness

Do you feel cheated whenever you buy certain produce in your local grocery only to realize that it has hidden bruises and spots once you unwrap them?  This concept design from Yanko may help.

The Fresh Code concept puts a barcode on each fruit and vegetable.  Each barcode contains a graph that indicates freshness level.  The graph recedes as time passes until it finally reaches 0, which indicates that the crop is now crap.

Although it may sound like a very noble idea, some say that such technology is unnecessary.  For one, we can determine how fresh produce are by using our eyes, noses, and hands.  Second, what if the barcode is put on produce that are harvested while unripe?  Would the barcode still recede even though the crop is actually ripening?  Lastly, people can assure of fresh crops if they go to local farms.

Source:  Tree Hugger , via CrunchGear

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